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CASE STUDY: CalOptima Health

Driving Impactful Healthcare Communication

Venture Strategic partnered with CalOptima Health to provide comprehensive strategic communications support for its proposed Tustin Senior Health Center project. Our services included drafting and editing project messaging, narratives, and related communications, as well as developing and creating a microsite. We conducted stakeholder briefings, education, and follow-up communications, alongside regular meetings and coordination with CalOptima officials. Additionally, we offered strategic advice on the regulatory process and collaborated on developing a communications strategy for responding to an impending California state audit. This involved drafting top-line messaging, creating a formal press release, media relations and outreach, assisting with media inquiries, and providing general crisis communications support. Moreover, we played a crucial role in creating and managing the video production of the C-suite leadership team.

We developed and implemented strategic communication plans to effectively convey the objectives, progress, and impact of the Tustin Senior Health Center project to relevant stakeholders and the public. Our tailored communication strategies helped build awareness, trust, and support for the project.

Strategic Communications

Venture Strategic collaborated closely with CalOptima Health to design and develop a user-friendly and visually appealing website for the Tustin Senior Health Center project. Our team conducted thorough research to understand the target audience and project objectives, ensuring that the website design aligned with CalOptima's branding and messaging.

Website Development 

Utilizing impactful digital assets such as video content, patient testimonials, and website development, Venture Strategic supported CalOptima Health's public outreach efforts for a PACE Center and Recuperative Care Hospital. We also helped create and manage the video production of the C-suite leadership team.

Public Relations & Owned Media

Our media relations strategy facilitated effective communication of CalOptima Health's significant project serving seniors and the unhoused. Through press release development and media coverage, we ensured a positive and credible representation of our client's brand. This resulted in multiple television and print news stories, establishing a strong presence and meaningful connections with the public.

Earned Media

Video Production
and Messaging 

By leveraging the power of visual storytelling, we conceptualized, produced, and managed video content to showcase profiles of different C-suite leadership team members. Through these profiles, we effectively communicated their vision, expertise, and commitment, fostering engagement and trust with target audiences.

Venture Strategics’ innovative approach to storytelling and message delivery has been instrumental in showcasing CalOptima’s services in a compelling and creative manner, setting us apart and effectively engaging our audience."

— Veronica Carpenter, MPA, Chief of Staff


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