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Your Path to Impactful Messaging and Strategic Success

Led by a dynamic team of strategic thinkers and creative visionaries, we blend expertise with innovation to craft tailored solutions that resonate and inspire.


Driving Impact with Creativity

At Venture Strategic, we're more than a communications firm; we are your strategic partner in navigating the ever-evolving landscape of public relations, marketing, and digital communications. Our journey has been shaped by resilience, innovation, and a steadfast commitment to excellence, especially highlighted during the unprecedented challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. This pivotal moment tested our adaptability and reinforced our philosophy: to think unconventionally and act decisively, ensuring our clients not only survive but thrive in times of crisis.

"As chief strategy officer for a regional transportation agency and joint powers authority, I trusted and valued the expert counsel of Venture Strategic. Jeff Corless and his team crafted effective communications and media strategies that helped us navigate the complexities and political sensitivities of a historic infrastructure project. They designed and executed a comprehensive approach to research, community outreach, stakeholder engagement, advertising, and media relations that effectively gathered input from stakeholders across Orange County."

Mike Chesney
Chief Strategy Officer (Ret.)
Transportation Corridor Agencies & The Toll Roads

Our Strategy

Founded on a legacy of service, our roots run deep with a profound understanding that our work extends beyond business—it's about making a meaningful impact. Our founder's heritage, influenced by a family dedicated to improving lives, imbues our mission with a sense of purpose: to wield our expertise in service of our clients' goals. We believe in the power of helping, in the relentless pursuit of victory, and in the grind culture that drives us to excel.

Our Execution

Our expertise spans various industries, from healthcare to technology, transportation to public affairs, reflecting our diverse skills and the broad spectrum of clients we serve. We leverage our political acumen, our crisis management prowess, and our comprehensive suite of services to deliver strategies that win. Our approach is holistic, ensuring consistency and cohesion across all communications channels, from stakeholder engagement to social media, public relations to marketing campaigns.

Venture Strategic's exceptional messaging and creativity shine through in our annual reports over recent years, showcasing their award-winning dedication. Their innovative approach and meticulous attention to detail consistently elevate industry standards, earning them well-deserved recognition for their remarkable achievements. As a client, we're continuously impressed by their professionalism and the outstanding results they deliver."

- Patricia Wenskunas
Founder CEO
Crime Survivors


Public Relations & Communications

Build your brand's reputation and connect with your audience through our expert PR and communications services.

Press & Media Relations

Get positive media coverage and clear messaging with our press and media relations expertise.

Messaging & Storytelling

Craft captivating narratives and persuasive copy that convey your brand's story in a compelling way.

Branding & Creative Design

From crafting logos to designing stunning visuals, we specialize in creating innovative branding and design solutions.

Content Creation & Ad Strategy

Engage with your audience and drive results with our content creation and advertising strategy expertise.

Social Media Management

Grow your online presence and engage your audience with our social media management and monitoring services.

Website Design & Development

From initial design to development and ongoing upkeep, we ensure your website reflects your brand's essence.

Photography & Video Production

Highlight your organization with professional photography and video production services.

Stakeholder Engagement

Build positive relationships with key stakeholders through strategic and targeted engagement tactics.

Event Planning & Management 

Host successful events that resonate, leaving a lasting impression and reinforcing your organization's message.

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At Venture Strategic, we're proud to have partnered with a diverse range of clients to achieve success. Our collaborative approach and dedication to excellence have led to impactful outcomes for organizations across various industries. Here are some of our featured clients who have trusted us to deliver results:


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