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We've spent over 10 years perfecting our skills and achieving outstanding results for our clients. Dive into our journey of excellence, fueled by innovation, creativity, and a dedication to success. Discover how our expertise can drive your business forward and help you reach your goals.


We pride ourselves on our ability to operate in high-stakes environments, crafting messages and strategies that navigate complexities with precision and care. Our team is battle-tested, bringing lessons learned from the front lines of politics and business to forge winning strategies for our clients. 

Our commitment to community and impact is unwavering. We take great pride in supporting projects and initiatives that enhance the lives of those in underserved communities, reflecting our belief in the power of communication to drive positive change. From healthcare to housing, technology to transportation, our work is not just about achieving business objectives; it's about contributing to a better world.


As we look to the future, Venture Strategic stands at the forefront of digital and creative innovation, constantly evolving to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow. Our team embodies a unique blend of experience, creativity, and dedication, each bringing something extraordinary to the table, from skydiving enthusiasts to hula hooping record holders, reflecting the vibrant and diverse culture of our firm.

In essence, Venture Strategic is not just about communications; it's about forging connections, inspiring change, and achieving greatness together. Let us be the architects of your success, crafting messages that resonate and strategies that win. Welcome to Venture Strategic, where excellence is our standard, and victory is our tradition.

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​Victoria Corless, MBA

Director, Finance & Human Resources

Samuel B. Hasson

Associate, Marketing & Communications

Ashley Amaya

Senior Associate, Marketing & Communications

Chelsea Shay

Manager, Marketing and Branding

Vice President, Community Engagement

Peter B. Dorsch, MPP

Tim Lineberger, JD

​Vice President, Strategy & Public Relations

Jeffrey D. Corless, MBA

President & CEO



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